Course naturalization at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club

Signs posted around the Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club about ongoing environmental initiatives represent the course operator’s commitment to environmental protection, while the appealing view from the clubhouse shows just how much of the course is naturalized. In… Read More

ELS to highlight environmental practices of golf courses

Did you know the Lake Simcoe watershed is home to nearly 50 golf courses? If you work in the golf industry, or are an avid golfer, that number probably comes as no surprise. If you are new to… Read More

Sharing knowledge and expertise

One of the distinctive elements of the Explore Lake Simcoe project is that it represents a collaboration of minds between individuals who represent different sectors. The work of the project is guided by the marketing and tourism expertise… Read More

Greening Toolkits

Download the Green Tourism Toolkit here. It includes an Operator Self-Assessment, a manageable starting point to give you a quick picture of where your business stands as a green leader. It offers greening resources and insights applicable to… Read More

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Upcoming Events

Sustainable business practices can lead to a healthier community. Stay up-to-date on upcoming presentations on improving your business’s efficiency and reducing its environmental impact.

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We offer free advice to tourism operators wishing to reduce their energy consumption. By connecting businesses that are taking steps to reduce environmental impacts, the Lake Simcoe community can work towards becoming a sustainable destination. Have you filled… Read More

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